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The Dealer Introduction promotion, was a cassette produced by Island Records to introduce the buyers employed by record stores in Sweden to the music of U2. The cassette contained just a single song on each side, “Pride (In the Name of Love)” on the first side, and “Boomerang II” on the second. This matched the commercially released single of “Pride (In the Name of Love)” released in September 1984.

The cassette is called the Dealer Introduction title on both sides, and is a white cassette with blue print. The cassette was sent around in an empty plastic cassette case with a black plastic back piece. The cassette is marked for promotional use only and that it is not for sale. On the first side, Kevin Killen is mispelled Devin Killen, this is corrected on the other side of the cassette.

Exact numbers of these cassettes produced is unknown, but it is likely to be a low number considering the amount of record stores that would have been operating in Sweden in 1984.

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