"Every Breaking Wave (New Radio Mix)" - U2

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“Every Breaking Wave” was released as a single, but without a physical release. On February 23, 2015, a new mix of the song titled the “New Radio Mix” was made available to stream on u2.com. The track was streamed at 256kbps. It had also been circulated by Universal Music in Europe at the same quality to radio stations for play earlier in January (around the 23rd). This was a new recording of the song and differs from the album mix. This stream was the only version made available for months.

On May 2, 2015 however, it was announced that subscribers would be able to download this song. The file downloaded was at a higher quality than the earlier streaming version, now at 320kbps. The song is the same mix as the earlier version that was streamed. Attached in the download was the image shown in the entry above. The version that had streamed prior had no image embedded.

This track was sent to radio under the name “New Version”. When it was streamed on u2.com it was called the “New Radio Mix”. And the subscriber download called it just the “Radio Mix” in the file, but “Radio Edit” in the area where you downloaded the song.

For paid subscribers of u2.com, the song was made available to download on your account information page.

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