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“Every Breaking Wave” was released to radio as the second single from Songs of Innocence. Most copies were delivered to radio via internet distribution methods, however a limited number of promotional CD singles were also pressed. The first known 5-Inch CD is a recordable CD, pressed for the UK market. It was released in a plastic wallet with a simple insert. The UK version of the promotional single contains a slightly edited version of “Every Breaking Wave”. At the end of the album version, you hear the bell and then (what sounds like) rain, which cuts off very abruptly as it is continuous with the intro to California. At the end of the UK promo version, you hear the bell and then the rain, which is quickly but noticeably rolled off, then about 2 seconds of silence.

In France, a promotional CDR was also pressed, with a unique black cover with the title of the song in white. This was released in a card sleeve by the label “Maison Barclay” which does the promotional work for Universal in France. It too contained just one track. The France promo contained the album version of “Every Breaking Wave” and not the edited version found on the UK Promotional single.

Finally a release purporting to be from the Netherlands has also appeared. This release has been identified as a fake. It has been released with three different covers, including the cover from Songs of Innocence, a black cover with white text similar to the France promotional single, and also with the image of U2 walking on the beach. All of these are fake.

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McArdle Film nominated for Best Music Video, Camerimage Awards, 2015.
McArdle Film nominated for Best Cinematography, Cameraimage Awards, 2015.

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