"Excerpts from Rattle and Hum" - U2

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Background Information

This promotional single was released in a gatefold cardboard sleeve with a fully printed front and back. The front cover features the text logo for the movie “Rattle and Hum” under a large U2, with “Excerpts from” written on the bar in between. The inside contains a photography of U2, as well as the track listing of the CD. The promotional release was released in the UK to promote both the album and the movie of the same name. The promotional release featured two tracks from the album itself, “Hawkmoon 269” and “God Part II”. The remaining three tracks are live tracks from the film, which are not featured on the “Rattle and Hum” album. Of these three tracks, two are from sessions in Denver CO, in November 1987, and one is from a concert held in Tempe AZ in December 1987.

This promotional CD features three live tracks taken from the live video of Rattle and Hum and two songs from the album. The live tracks are taken directly from a video and due to some variations in video formats all three songs here run too fast. In North America the NTSC standard for television runs at 24 frames per second, and in Europe the PAL standard is 25 frames per second. Thus often when videos are converted to PAL they are sped up. This is the case here on this promotional disc, so these tracks are likely taken from a PAL transfer of the video, and each of these live tracks runs 4.16667x too fast. A correction in pitch by that amount fixes that speed issue with the tracks. Each of the live tracks fades in and fades out on this release.

Liner Notes

Taken from the film Rattle and Hum.

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