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Track Listing:

Full Track Listing

  • Beautiful Day (Live from Dublin, Sep. 27, 2000) – U2 (04:08)
  • Elevation (Live from Dublin, Sep. 27, 2000) – U2 (03:47)
  • Mofo (Live from Popmart) – U2 (04:01)
  • Until the End of the World – U2 (04:45)
  • One (04:42)
  • A Sort of Homecoming (Live) (04:13)
  • Bad (Live) (08:10)
    All tracks are videos.

Background Information

This was a CD-ROM video compilation. The videos included within this release are Quick Time movie files in .mov format, at a resolution of 320×240 and a frame rate of 10. The low frame rate and low resolution are less than one would expect from a DVD, but are typical for CD-ROM compilations from this era. But the compilation does include a few otherwise unreleased gems like the material from the roof of the Clarence Hotel.

The videos included are:

  • “Beautiful Day” (04:08) and “Elevation” (03:47) from the roof of the Clarence Hotel in Dublin, recorded on September 29, 2000.
  • The Anton Corbijn video for “Please” (05:43)
  • The PopMart live video for “Mofo” (04:01)
  • The video for “Until the End of the World” filmed in Dublin in 1992 (04:45)
  • The buffalo / sunflower video for “One” (04:42)
  • A live version of “A Sort of Homecoming” interspersed with images from Dublin (04:13)
  • A live version of “Bad” (08:10)

This compilation was put together for the Mexican fan club “Under a Smog Grey Sky” and was produced and printed by Universal Music Mexico in conjunction with the store “Mix Up” and the radio station “Radioactivo 98.5”. It was released in a unique card sleeve. This promotional item was produced in February 2001.

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