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This cassette release from Japan is titled simply “For You” and is billed on the packaging of the cassette as a “Double Coupling” — the cassette contains two singles coupled together to make a longer length cassette, in this case the singles for “New Year’s Day” and the single for “Two Hearts Beat as One”. The format was somewhat of a novelty and it was not pressed in large quantities, but this would be the earliest cassette single in U2’s career as the cassette single for “Three” was pressed later in 1985. Some sites list this as a promotional release due to the rarity of finding a copy, however, the cassette was clearly marked with a price of 2500 yen and was intended for sale. The cassette featured a unique cover, using a photo not found on any other release.

The interior of the cassette identifies the track listing, which matches up to the tracks found on the 12-inch releases in other countries. Side 1 contains “New Year’s Day” — the long mix of that song, “Treasure”, “Fire (Live from Werchter)” and even mentions that “I Threw a Brick Through a Window” and “A Day Without Me”, both live, are one track as they were pressed on vinyl and later on CD. Side 2 contains “Two Hearts Beat as One” — including the club version of that song, and the USA remixes of “New Year’s Day” and “Two Hearts Beat as One”. The cassette was released with a fold out lyric sheet which listed the lyrics for all of these songs inside, including “New Year’s Day” printed twice, one for each side. The flip side of the lyric insert included information about the band and the release in Japanese.

The cassette itself was in white plastic, and featured two paper labels, both in black with grey text. The labels listed the tracks, as well as some release information. The catalog number for this release is 25Y-183.

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