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On November 9, 2012, u2.com announced the 2012 subscribers package to the public. The package, titled “From the Ground Up: The Musical Edition” included a copy of the book, “From the Ground Up”, four lithographs of the band, some bookmarks, and a fifteen track live CD curated by The Edge. The tracks used for the CD were from the left over tracks that did not make the cut for the “U22” fan club gift the prior year. A total of 46 tracks were made available for voting and only 22 tracks made it to that CD, plus one additional track, “Unknown Caller” had been released as a download only.

When announcing the CD, and book package, two tracks were made available for immediate download if you renewed the fan club membership. These two tracks would not appear on the forthcoming CD from the fan club. These two tracks were both live songs, and could be downloaded in 320kbps quality in mp3 format, at a sample rate of 44.1kHz. The two songs were “No Line on the Horizon” and “Spanish Eyes” and the email announcing the subscriber offer made it clear that these tracks would not be included on the forthcoming CD.

“Spanish Eyes” was taken from a performance in San Sebastian, Spain on September 26, 2010. It was the only show on the entire tour in which the song was performed. “No Line on the Horizon” was the opening song taken from the Sheffield England concert on August 20, 2009, a concert which was broadcast through U2.com as it happened.

On November 29, 2012 an additional bonus track was made available to download, this time a recording of “Desire” which was performed on December 19th, 2010 in Perth, Australia. The release is once again in mp3, and in the same quality as the earlier two tracks. Although at first it wasn’t made clear that this too would not be on the fan club CD, that was later clarified to be the case. On December 12, 2012, another bonus track was made available, this time “Pride (in the Name of Love)” taken from the August 3, 2009 show in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Like the tracks before it the song was announced not to be on the final compilation. The CD set began to ship on December 14, 2012 and the full track listing was soon known for the CD. One further song would be released that would not feature on the CD itself as a Christmas present from u2.com – a version of “Angel of Harlem” recorded in Paris on July 12, 2009. This final track was released on December 23, 2012 through users profile pages on u2.com. All tracks were released in mp3 format at 320kbps.

For information on the full CD, “From the Ground Up” please read the individual discography entry.

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No traditional liner notes in this digital release.

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