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“Get Out of Your Own Way” has been digitally delivered to radio and other outlets as a promotional single. At this time we are not aware of any physical copies of promotional CDs that have been sent out of the track, neither the edit, or the remixes.

Initially the song was delivered to a small handful of stations in Poland on November 2, 2017 for trials at radio. The song was also used by the BBC during the week leading up to the EMA performance on November 11, 2017. A more wide release to radio in Europe was done on December 8. In all cases the files were transmitted digitally, and no promotional physical copies were issued. The song released for radio was an edited version of the album track, with a shorter introduction, that fades out just before Kendrick Lamar appears on the album version. The edit is 03:20 in length.

The song has also been delivered digitally for promotion in North America. Delivery of the song to radio started November 22, 2017. At that time it also started appearing on an Interscope promotional site used for promotion at radio. The official push dates for different formats of radio vary, with the push date for AAA (Adult Alternative Albums) set for December 4, 2017, days after the release of the album. The push date for Modern Rock Radio was January 16, 2018. The push date for Hot AC (Adult Contemporary) is set for January 29, the day after U2 appears at the Grammy Awards. In all cases the song being sent out is the edit of the track mentioned above, that was also used in Europe.The edit of the song can be heard on the Interscope site.

Copies of the Edited version of the song that were distributed digitally include artwork featuring all four members of U2 on a beach as the sun is low in the sky.

On January 19, 2018, additional tracks were sent by digital means for promotion of the song to radio, as well as to EDM influencers. The package sent out was made up of four digital files, all remixes of “Get Out of Your Own Way” done by two remixers, two by British DJ Switch, and two by Dutch DJ Afrojack. The files also contained two digital images, one the cover for the Switch remixes and one the cover for the Afrojack remixes. The cover for the Switch remixes uses the black and blue colours in a spiral similar to the box set, and the one for the Afrojack remixes has the blue and black colours in horizontal bands. Each cover has the song name and the remix name below it. The Afrojack remixes are 04:07 and 05:08 in length. (The 04:07 version was commercially released on January 26, 2018) The Switch remixes are 03:41 and 06:38 in length (The 03:41 version was commercially released on December 27, 2018)

Most of the CDR promos for this track are indeed fakes, as most of the distribution done for this song was via digital download only. However, a small number of CDR’s were made in France for promotion and distributed with a card sleeve. We are told that these were generated by Universal Music.

A promotional video for the song has been released on January 18, 2018. Two additional videos are known to have been filmed, one in Mexico on October 5, 2017, and one in London on November 11, 2017. Both have been teased in social media posts, but at this writing neither has been released. One is expected to be released in conjunction with the band’s appearance at the Grammy Awards.

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Photograph by Anton Corbijn.

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