"Gloria 40th Anniversary Edition" - U2


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Background Information

For the Record Store Day Black Friday event in 2021, U2 released a 12-Inch EP celebrating the 40th anniversary of the release of the “Gloria” single. The 12-Inch EP is in ‘transparent sun yellow vinyl’ and is cut at 45RPM. The USA site for Record Store Day lists that 7000 copies will be available in the USA.

The EP features a full colour gatefold sleeve with a high gloss finish. It will also include a large poster (60cm x 60cm) with a selection of live photos of the band from across the years.

The EP features four versions of “Gloria” one representing each decade. The studio version of the song represents the 1980s. The EP is filled out with three additional live versions of the song. The version from the December 31, 1989 show in Dublin was played just after midnight, and represents the start of the 1990s. The second side features a recording from the Vertigo tour in Boston (May 26, 2005) and a recording from the Innocence + Experience tour in London (October 29, 2015).

This release is part of the Record Store Day Black Friday event. More information about previous U2 releases for Record Store Day can be found here. Although the item will be manufactured in just one country, it will be sold worldwide where shops participate in Record Store Day. See our news stories below for further information about Record Store Day.

Liner Notes

Music by U2. Lyrics by Bono

Live from the LoveTown Tour:
Engineered by Matt Robinson. Assisted by Dave Meegan and Paul Barret. Produced by Ian Wilson and Jim Lockhart.

Live from the Vertigo Tour:
Recorded and Engineered by Robbie Adams. Mixed by Richard Rainey

Live from from the Innocence + Experience Tour:
Recorded and Mixed by John Harris. Engineered by Joel Singer.


Art Direction and Design: Shaughn McGrath
Photography (Sleeve): Unknown

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