"I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (Live / Choir Version)" - U2

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When U2 released the 30th anniversary edition of The Joshua Tree, two tracks were released in advance to promote the release. The new version of “Red Hill Mining Town” was first up, released to digital services n the same the physical single was released. The second song released from the album was “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” – here is it called the “Live / Choir Version”.

Unlike the album version of the track, the version used for promotion fades in at the start of the track, and fades out at the end. Nothing is done to disguise that this is a live track, and the crowd noise and other elements of the track are the same as what appears on the box set, except for the fade in and out of the track.

The promotional single was released via Universal Records to various digital promotional platforms on May 12, 2017. A physical disc was not produced. Artwork accompanying the promotional track was the same as the art being used for the boxed set.

Additionally, the song was also released as an early treat for those who had pre-ordered the album. However, those who purchased at a digital download store, received the final album track, without any fades at the front and end. This was the case with Qobuz, iTunes, even U2.com if you had pre-ordered a physical version of the album. Some streaming services were streaming the version that faded in and out from May 12, until the album was released on June 2. But at that point, the version that faded in and out was replaced with the version that ran continuously with the rest of the album. (Catalog number for the standalone track was 00602557544640.)

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