"Live Songs of iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE" - U2

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This item has not yet been released, so the final track listing is not known. The announcement of this item on U2.Com mentioned the following tracks:

  • “The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)”
  • “Every Breaking Wave”
  • “Song for Someone”
  • “The Blackout”
  • “Get Out of Your Own Way”
  • “13 (There is A Light)”

A poll launched on January 16, 2019 announced a few additional titles which will be included:

  • “The Troubles”
  • “Iris (Hold Me Close)”
  • “You’re The Best Thing About Me”
  • “American Soul”
  • “The Little Things That Give You Away”
  • “Song for Someone” (also listed above)

Background Information

On November 20, 2018, U2.Com announced their upcoming 2019 subscriber gift, a two-CD release focused on the 2015 and 2018 tours, Innocence & Experience and Experience + Innocence. From the initial announcement it looked as if the title of this release would be Innocence + Experience Live, 2015 & 2018 but we now know the title is “Live Songs of iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE”. The gift is for subscribers who renew or subscribe new for the 2019 year, and if your subscription ends part way through 2019, and you’ve already gotten another gift, you will not get this gift without re-subscribing.

The full initial announcement on U2.Com read as follows:

“Two albums. Two tours. Two years. A limited edition double CD & digital release capturing the i+e Tour and the e+i Tour is the 2019 special gift for U2.com Subscribers. It’s the ultimate live set on double CD, beautifully presented in a photographic book documenting the iNNOCENCE and eXPERIENCE tours of 2015 and 2018. This one-off special release, produced by the band especially for U2.com subscribers, will not be on sale online or in store.”

“From ‘The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)’, ‘Every Breaking Wave’ and ‘Song for Someone’ to ‘The Blackout’, ‘Get Out Of Your Own Way’ and ’13 (There Is A Light)’, this is the ultimate live companion to Songs Of Innocence and Songs Of Experience, celebrating two extraordinary tours. The complete tracklisting will be published in early 2019 with shipping beginning in Spring 2019. From January until dispatch of the double CD set, we’ll be offering regular downloads of these new live tracks.”

Initially the purple coloured image that can be seen below in the information on the downloads was used for all communications about the offer. This image was also used on posters and on T-shirts during the tour. As of April 26, a different image is now being used, the yellow-orange one that can be seen to the right on the page.

On January 16, 2019, U2.Com launched a poll to pick between six tracks to be the first two downloads from this collection. Although the poll started out strong for “The Troubles” and “The Little Things That Give You Away” in the end it was “Song for Someone” and “The Little Things That Give You Away” that got the bulk of the votes, with “The Little Things” being a clear favourite in the poll. “The Little Things That Give You Away” was a surprise to many, considering the song was not performed on either of the 2015 or 2018 tours. It was however performed on “The Joshua Tree” tour in 2017.

The first two downloads were made available on February 26, 2019. Both tracks are encoded at 320kbps. Both tracks fade in from silence and fade out again at the end. The downloads are listed as belonging to the album Live Songs of iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE in the metadata, which looks to be a switch in what the package was originally being called. Perhaps they realized the name needed to be altered slightly when they added the track from 2017. At that time the full track list had not been announced but a news page at U2.com lists “More downloads coming soon and news on release dates for the subscribers-only live double CD, the definitive live companion to Songs Of Innocence and Songs Of Experience.”

On April 26, 2019, a second set of downloads were made available. This included the previous two downloads, now with the new embedded artwork for the album cover, as well as two new songs. The package of four tracks, was available at U2.Com for those who have renewed for the 2019 subscription year. If you have not yet subscribed for 2019, these will become available only when you have resubscribed. They are available at your U2.Com profile page. You must be logged in to see them. The article accompanying the new downloads identified that the songs would be mixed by Richard Rainey for this release, and that the final track listing for the double album is “nearly complete”, and that additional artwork, further downloads and dispatch information would follow next month.

The following month, May 2019, saw the release of two additional songs, released this time as a single zip file with six tracks. The songs were released on May 27, and featured the embedded artwork of the album, the same as the previous month. At this time no release date for the CD set has been announced. The downloads are edited at the start and end of each track with a fade in and fade out. It is not known if these fades will be present on the album eventually released.

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