"International Radio Session" - U2

Promotional Release

Track Listing:

Background Information

This promotional release was a CDR that was pressed to CDR by Universal Record branches in Europe from a DAT supplied by Island UK. The exact number of copies pressed is unknown, but it is a very limited release. The CDR featured the liner notes listed below, printed onto the CD in a black arial font. The CDR itself was distributed in a slimline jewel case with no inserts of any sort. The CD was meant as an internal promo and the only radio station known to have played these tracks is RAI Due, a radio station in Italy. That station played these promo tracks during a broadcast in October 2000. Other public broadcasts have not been noted.

The tracks themselves feature different arrangements than the album versions. They were recorded during early rehearsals for the All That You Can’t Leave Behind promo tour, and do not have crowd fanfare between the tracks.

Liner Notes

(p) & © 2000 Universal Music. All rights reserved. Recorded in Dublin during All That You Can’t Leave Behind promo tour rehearsals, October 2000

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