"Love is Bigger Than Anything in its Way" - U2

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The third song from the album Songs of Experience delivered to radio in North America was “Love is Bigger Than Anything in its Way”. The song follows “You’re The Best Thing About Me“ and “Get Out of Your Own Way“ as promotional songs for the album in that market. An extensive promotional campaign was undertaken for this song.

The first version of the song that was delivered to radio was the album version of the song. All versions were delivered digitally, and sent direct to radio stations at high quality. A low quality file, delivered direct through Interscope’s own promotional website confirms that the song is the album version of the song, even containing the track number 12 in the file name. The song was delivered with the same artwork that was used for the “Get Out of Your Own Way“ single when sent to radio. The first stations receiving the album versions of the song in North America were AAA stations (Adult Album Alternative) with an impact date of April 23, 2018. Digital delivery of the song to radio started April 11, 2018. The song was also pushed to Hot AC radio stations in North America starting on May 21, 2018 using the same album mix.

A series of remixes were done for the song, and delivered to DJs worldwide for promotion of the song in dance clubs. We are told that close to 60 DJs were approached in March to remix the song, and many were sent the stems for the song. The stems are isolated instruments and vocals from the track. Some producers were sent just the vocals, other were sent vocals and instruments. When remixes were completed they were sent to a Remix A&R and Music Marketing firm, for review. They were then sent to the band for review. The remixes were either approved or unapproved at this stage, although some of the remixes were sent back to the producers for additional tweaks at the suggestion of the band. It is known that Bono was very involved in this process, including being involved in the selection process for the three songs which were released commercially on May 4, 2018.

Once approved, remixes were delivered by a promotional company dealing in remixes, in a digital format direct to DJs using their Inflyte DJ Servicing tool. These were made available to DJs worldwide. The songs were sent out in two different formats, with copies being made available in wave format, or in 320kbps MP3 format. Digital images featuring the name of the DJ were sent out for promotion of these files, however, the actual mp3 files contained the same “digital cover” as the commercial remixes single did. Each track was available individually or as a set.

  • May 4, 2018: Remixes by Will Clarke, Daybreakers and The Funk Hunters. EP available for promotion, as well as on commercial services.
  • May 9, 2018: Remixes by David Alvarado and Drew G. These were not commercially released.
  • May 15, 2018: Remixes by Moodyboy, VibePosse, and Robbie Rivera. These were not commercially released.
  • May 21, 2018: Remixes by Twisted Dee and Jesus Montanez. These were not commercially released.
  • May 29, 2018: Two remixes by John “J-C” Carr and the Daybreakers Vox Remix
  • June 1, 2018: Six remixes sent out, including two remixes by Dinaire+Bissen, two remixes by Stash Konig and two remixes by Craig C.
  • June 11, 2018: Four remixes sent out, including one remix by Dirty Disco, one remix by MINDSKAP, a remix by Esteban & Binomio and a second remix by Drew G. (This is a newer version of the mix first mentioned in our interview with DrewG, where he told us he had been asked to make some changes to the song that he had completed. We spoke with DrewG. and he confirmed that this was an updated mix, with additional vocals not present in his original mix, it includes the Killiney Bay lyric which was not present in the first mix. Originally a second mix by MINDSKAP and a second mix by Dirty Disco were said to be part of this set but neither was released. Three mixes by Jochen Simms were also said to be part of this set but were held for a later release.)
  • June 15, 2018: Three mixes by Jochen Simms, a remix by Dark Intensity and a remix by Isak Salazar and Erick Ibiza were sent out. The Simms mixes were originally said to be distributed on June 11, but were held back until the 15th.
  • June 21, 2018: Two mixes sent out, including the Offer Nissim remix and the Aximize remix.
  • June 29, 2018: Six mixes sent out including three by DJ Lynnwood (DJLW), a second remix by Twisted Dee this time with Diego Fernandez, and a remix by Rubicube. Also included in this set was the Beck Remix, being issued to DJs through Citrusonic for the first time.
  • July 13, 2018: A number of mixes sent out as the “Chill Remix EP” featuring four remixes by Rusty Egan and HP Hoeger. Also included was a single remix by Myke Rossi.

A number of these remixes were leaked by the DJs involved before the actual promotional release of the songs including both mixes by Twisted Dee, the Offer Nissim remix, the DJLW remix, the Dirty Disco Remix. The remix by Rubicube was partially leaked in advance. Although the digital tracks were only sent legitimately by the promotional companies, copies of the tracks have appeared on other sites as well. The one track which has been legitimately sent to promotion to another site, was the Robbie Rivera mix, which was promoted on the Music-Worx site.

Two additional remixes were issued commercially, the U2 vs Cheat Codes remix (May 25, 2018) and the Beck Remix (June 1, 2018). The Cheat Codes mix was sent out to subscribed DJs on the same day that it was released, however, the Beck Remix was not sent out until the package of mixes sent on June 29, 2018.

Three promotional CDs of these remixes were also pressed for distribution each containing four remixes in total. These were circulated with promotional posters, stickers and fans to pride events at clubs around the country. The three CDs feature the following:

  • CD One: Will Clarke Remix / Daybreakers Remix / David Alvarado Remix) / Moodyboy Remix
  • CD Two: Offer Nissim Remix / DrewG. Remix / Dark Intensity Remix / Dinaire+Bissen Remix
  • CD Three: John “J-C” Carr Remix / VibePosse Dub / MINDSKAP Dub Rework / The Funk Hunters Remix

Be cautious when trying to track down these CDs as bootlegs of this release have been plentiful with fake CDRs being sold claiming to be legitimate promos. The actual promos are plain with black text on the disc, and are being sent out in white sleeves. See our catalog information below for more information.

At the end of June a second version of the song was pushed to radio, sending the “U2 vs Cheat Codes” version of the song to Hot AC radio stations in the USA, and to rhythm stations in Canada and the UK.

We are aware that other remixes do exist, and below we will attempt to document these releases that were never released in an audio format:

  • Brian Cua Club Remix (04:46)
  • The Dirty Disco Sunrise Remix (07:42)
  • Dirty Pop Remix (Unknown Time)
  • Isak Salazar & Erick Ibiza Dubby Mix Edit (05:03)
  • Junior Sanchez Acid Weekend Remix (Unknown Time)
  • MINDSKAP Remix (06:08)
  • Offer Nissim Mix – Original Version (04:08)

In the June 11, 2018 promo pack, original information said that the pack would include The Dirty Disco Sunrise Mix, as well as the MINDSKAP remix. When released it did not contain either. However, The Dirty Disco Sunrise Mix was released by the producers on their Soundcloud, and the longer MINDSKAP Remix was released in a video for the song posted to YouTube. Both the Isak Salazar and Eric Ibiza Dubby Mix Edit, and the Offer Nissim Mix – Original Versions were posted by the producers on SoundCloud in advance of their mix being officially sent for promotion. In the case of the Salazar / Ibiza mix, the shorter version is still available on Soundcloud, however, when the Offer Nissim Remix was sent for promotion the shorter mix was removed from that service. The Dirty Pop Remix has never leaked, and has not been heard, but DJ DrewG discussed working on that mix in an interview with us. The Brian Cua Club Mix was not released for promotion, but the DJ released the song himself on his Soundcloud account. Finally, the Junior Sanchez Acid Weekend Remix was also not sent out for promotion, but the producer sent the track himself to Christian Honan, and it aired on the program “Twilight on Pulse” on the RTE. Cua and Sanchez were part of the DJs approached to remix the song, but their versions were not chosen for final release at this time, and thus do not appear in the list of songs above.

To further promote the song in the USA market, a number of promotional nights were hosted at clubs around the USA. These were mainly held at LGBT clubs, and invited attendees to “Be proud and celebrate Love is Bigger Than Anything in its Way” referring to the song as “U2’s Summer Anthem” and promoting the Remix EP. Each of these club nights had giveaways including promotional posters, stickers, fans, and the three promotional remix CDs. A list of these club nights to date is as follows:

  • June 22: Chicago IL – Sofo Tap; Houston TX – Numbers; San Francisco CA – Colossus
  • July 1: Fort Lauderdale FL – LeBoy Tonight
  • July 6: Anaheim CA – House of Blues; Miami Beach FL – Score; Sarasota FL – Oasis; Tampa FL – The Honey Pot
  • July 7: Largo FL – Quench Lounge; Las Vegas NV – Piranha Nightclub
  • July 8: Orlando FL – Parliament House
  • July 13: Sarasota FL – Old School Bar and Grill; New York NY – The Monster
  • July 14: Atlanta GA – Atlanta Eagle
  • July 22: Denver CO – Trade

DJs who had participated in remixing the track were involved in a number of these nights. Twisted Dee (Dee Martello) played the Colossus in San Francisco. Dark Intensity played the House of Blues in Anaheim, Craig C played Trade in Denver, and Drew G played The Honey Pot in Tampa on these U2 release party nights.

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