"Love is Blindness (Acoustic)" - U2

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In 2011, U2 released a repackaged version of “Achtung Baby” for the 20th anniversary of the album. It was released in a variety of formats, including a single CD, a 2-CD Set, a 6-CD Super Set, and a 6-CD Uber Set. With the Uber set, one recieved six audio CDs, four DVDs with video content, 5 7-inch singles, the album on 2 12-inch vinyl and access to a website to download all of the content. The website was achtungbabyuberbonus.u2.com which would forward to http://achtung.pushexp.com/welcome/. Initially when the site launched only the six audio CDs were available in mp3 or wav format. Eventually the documentary “From the Sky Down” was added as a streaming video. And on November 4, 2011, an extra audio track was added, “Love is Blindness” taken from the documentary “From the Sky Down”. The download was available as an uncompressed wav file or in mp3 format. The mp3 was released at 320kbps compression.

The documentary “From the Sky Down” was a 2011 documentary film that opened at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 8, 2011, directed by Davis Guggenheim. The film explored U2 and told the story of the production of their album “Achtung Baby” focusing on the difficult recording, the band’s relationships to one another and outside the band, and also the band’s creative process. As part of the film, U2 revisited Hansa Ton studios in Berlin where the orignal album was developed. The DVD of “From the Sky Down” was released on DVD in Super Deluxe and Uber Deluxe copies of “Achtung Baby” and was released as a stand alone DVD and Blu-Ray on December 12, 2011 in the UK and Europe and December 13, 2011 in Canada. It was released on January 24, 2012 in the USA. As part of that documentary U2 revisited songs from “Achtung Baby” in 2011 during the filming of the movie, and in this case, “Love is Blindness” was recorded for the film as a solo track by The Edge, playing alone.

It is the only bonus audio track released with the Uber version of “Achtung Baby”, no additional tracks have been added to that download site since “Love is Blindness” was added on November 4, 2011.

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No traditional liner notes with this digital release.

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