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On May 4, 2009 U2 released the second single from “No Line on The Horizon”, releasing “Magnificent” worldwide. In a surprising move, at the last minute the CD singles expected in the UK were cancelled leaving the only way to purchase the single was as an import from Europe, at a digital release, or on 7” vinyl. That day however, three digital EPs were released through the UK iTunes music service as well as other digital services.

Background Information

In May of 2009, U2 released “Magnificent” as the second single from “No Line on the Horizon”. The single was originally planned for a physical release in the UK on CD, as well as on 7” Vinyl. At the last minute, the release on CD was scrapped, and the only physical release was on 7” Vinyl. To counter the lack of a physical single, U2 released three EPs on digital services in the UK. On iTunes each of these received a name. “Magnificent with 2 Remixes”, “Magnificent with 3 Remixes” and “Magnificent with Live Tracks and Remix” were the three EPs released through iTunes. On 7digital the “Magnificent with 2 Remixes” was simply called “Magnificent EP1” and “Magnificent with 3 Remixes” was called “Magnificent EP2”.

The two EPs of “Remixes” are still available on the iTunes store as of this writing. The third EP was limited and is no longer available.

Each of these releases was released with a simple cover showing a close up of the photograph used on the physical “Magnificent” releases elsewhere. The single was released, and only reached #42 on the UK Singles chart. It was the first UK released single to not make the UK top 40 chart since “A Celebration” was released in 1982. Confusion over the last minute cancellation of the physical single, and lack of enthusiasm for a collection of ‘remixes’ may have resulted in lower than expected sales of the single in the UK. As well the multiple EP releases on iTunes did lead to some confusion over which versions were available.

All of the mixes and tracks available here would be available on commercial releases, but not in the UK, with the exception of the 7” vinyl.

Liner Notes

No traditional liner notes in this digital release.

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