"Ordinary Love (Alternate Version)" - U2

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In early March 2014, a previously unnoticed account on Soundcloud posted a different mix of U2’s “Ordinary Love”. This new mix was sped up from the single and Epworth versions about 7-8 bpm and follows the single version lyrics except for the ‘tough enough’ verse which now falls as the end. The file was uploaded by an Interscope promotional account on soundcloud, at the URL https://soundcloud.com/igapromotion/u2-ordinary-love – the track has since been removed. The user has closed their account on Soundcloud, but not until early October 2014.

The track that was streaming is a 128kbps mp3 file.

This was not the same version found on the soundtrack of the movie, as that was yet another remix of the track. Nor was it the Epworth remix of the song. It is unknown what producer was responsible for this promotional mix, or why it was posted.

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