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Each year as we near the nominations season for awards such as the Academy Awards (Oscars) and the Golden Globe Awards, movie studios prepare promotional materials to send to the voters for such awards. These are known as “For your consideration” promotional materials, and often include DVDs of the film, CDs of the tracks for best song award and so on. These are circulated to those picking from the final list of songs for instance that would make up the category for Best Original Song.

In December of 2013, U2’s “Ordinary Love” circulated on such a CD. It arrived in a plain regular jewel case, with no inserts. The disc is a picture disc, with the title of the song written in a similar style to that used in the lyric video. It also contains the logo for the movie, “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom” in which the song is featured over the credits.

The CD did garner a nomination for U2 at the Golden Globe Awards, and shortly after these nominations were announced a small number of these CDs started to appear on eBay. They were also nominated for an Oscar. U2 won the Golden Globe Award for the Best Original Song.

Liner Notes

For your consideration: Best Original Song
Ordinary Love:
Performed by U2. Lyrics by Bono. Music by U2 and Brian Burton. Produced by Danger Mouse.

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