"Original of the Species (Live from Milan)" - U2

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Background Information

When “U218 Singles” was released, it was accompanied with a DVD for the deluxe version, which included performances from a Vertigo concert in Milan. On digital services such as iTunes and 7Digital, the deluxe version came in audio format and allowed you to download the performances from Milan as audio tracks. However, the version of “Original of the Species” which was included on the DVD, was not made available for download anywhere but an Italian exclusive. In the rest of Europe, and in North America the audio tracks were released with “Original of the Species” removed.

This was rectified in the UK but making “Original of the Species” available from the Milan concert as a standalone track on music services. This included iTunes UK, and 7Digital. The iTunes release was initially in 128kbs quality but was later upgradable to 256kbs under iTunes Plus. The 7Digital release was in 320kbs quality. As this was released as a stand alone track, there has been a fade added at the start and the end of the track, making it slightly different from the audio version released in the Italian exclusive, and on the DVD, which did not have these fades.

In the UK iTunes store, the title of the single is “Origin of the Species (Live from Milan)” instead of the correct “Original of the Species” even though the track is named correctly. Both the release on 7Digital and iTunes UK came with the embedded artwork for the “U218 Singles” album.

Liner Notes

No traditional liner notes with this digital release.

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