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U2’s album “Pop” was released on March 3/4, 1997 worldwide. As a promotional item, a UK promo came packaged in a special cubed box. Inside the box was a special pen – silver prismatic with the “U2 * Pop” logo down the side. There was a pad of paper which had the face of each band member printed on one side – the pad was a cube in shape. Each piece of paper had the “U2 * Pop” logo at the bottom of the page. And the set also contained the album “Pop” in CD format, the UK pressing. The notepad block was a cube 4-inches in each direction.

The overall cube that held all of these items was approximately 12-inches in each dimension. It was made out of corrugated cardboard. At times the contents of the box have been used for individual promotions, so the contents may be found separate from the cube. Each face of the cube on the sides featured a full image of a band member, and the top contained the album cover with all four images combined.

It has been reported that only a limited quantity of these promotional boxes were sent out in a complete format, and it has been suggested there is only 250 of these sets that were circulated.

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