"Popmart: Live from Mexico City" - U2

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  • Lemon For Sale (5:11)
  • The Road to Sarajevo (8:03)
  • A Tour of the Tour (14:03)
  • Last Night on Earth – An Inside View (4:21)
  • Popmart Tour Visuals Montage (18:55)
  • All Kinds of Everything (Karaoke Version) (3:01) [Easter Egg]
  • Visual Stage Tour (1:57)
  • Please (Live Mural Cut) (5:54)

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Background Information

On December 2 and 3, 1997, U2 performed at Foro Sol in Mexico City, on the third leg of the PopMart Tour. Both concerts were filmed in Mexico, and late on December 3, 1997 (11pm EST), the first hour of the second concert from Mexico was broadcast on MTV, while the entire concert was shown on Showtime. The broadcast on Showtime was made up predominately of footage from one night.

In the fall of 1998 it was announced that the PopMart tour would also be released on home video. The release titled “Popmart Live from Mexico City” was released on VHS in most regions, as well as in VCD format in Hong Kong. The video was released through PolyGram Video. Total run time of the released performance was two hours and seven minutes. Unlike the broadcast version on Showtime and MTV, the home video release was an edited version of both nights performances in Mexico City. One tip for those trying to figure out which night is which, is to keep an eye on the crowd for the person blowing bubbles. She will jump back and forth to two different sides of the B-Stage throughout the video performance. All of the songs performed in concert are included in this release, and the concert released was identified as being from December 3, 1997 in credits for the album. The VHS and VCD formats only contained the main concert and none of the bonus features. Although a Laser Disc was initially planned for Japan (POLS-1026 was given as a catalog number) this release never materialized.

A number of times over the years a DVD release of this concert was rumoured, with release dates even being announced. But it was not until September 2007 that a DVD was released under the Island Records label. There were two different formats available, a one disc version with just the concert and a two disc version with additional bonus features. The video was released in 4:3 aspect ratio like the original VHS, but the sound was upgraded with a choice between Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS 5.1, and PCM Stereo Audio.

Most of the bonus content was made available through the main menus, however there was one hidden easter egg. If you have the second disc in your player, you select “Enter” from the main menu. Once you are in the Popmart store, in the documentary aisle, press the “Up” button on your remote control, which will select the security video at the top of the screen. Press enter on the camera and you will start “All Kinds of Everything (Karaoke Version)”. This song was Ireland’s entry in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1970, and actually won the contest, giving Ireland it’s first win in the contest. Edge performed the song during his karaoke break in Dublin on August 30, 1997 accompanied by this video seen here. Two other videos can be accessed by playing the game that is included – after you complete two games you get the option to see a bonus or to continue for another bonus. The first video that is available is the “Visual Stage Tour” (1:57) and the second video accessed through the game is “Please (Live Mural Cut)” (5:54)

In 2000 live audio from this video was released as the “Hasta La Vista Baby” fan club release through Propaganda Magazine. The audio from this concert was also used as B-Sides on a couple of singles in 2000.

Liner Notes

Directed by David Mallet. Produced by Ned O’Hanlon. Executive Producer: Paul McGuinness. Associate Producer: Sheila Roche. Co-Producer: Diane Orrom. Lighting Designer: Allen Branton. Pop Mart Show Designer / Director: Willie Williams. Popmart Lighting Director: Bruce Ramus. Popmart Sound Engineer: Joe O’Herlihy. Sound Supervisors: Flood and Howie B. A Dreamchaser Production for U2 Limited.


Sleeve Design: ABA, Dublin.
Original Photography: Rebecca Hearfield (Cover) / Anton Corbijn / Kevin Mazur / Rankin / Ebet Roberts.

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