"Rattle and Hum" - U2

Remastered Album (2017 Master)

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Background Information

This is the discography entry for the 2017 Album Remaster of the album Rattle and Hum, the album that was first released in 1988. This 2017 remaster was done under the direction of The Edge, with remastering engineering by Scott Sedillo from Bernie Grundman Mastering, and additional work by Declan Gaffney. The project production managers for U2 were Candida Bottaci and Nadine King.

This new version of Rattle and Hum was initially released as part of Apple’s MFiT (Mastered for iTunes) release of all of U2’s albums in May of 2017. At the time the album remaster was only released through Apple. Rattle and Hum was not the only album remastered at the time, both All That You Can’t Leave Behind and Pop were both remastered as well under the direction of The Edge. The digital download, available in iTunes, came with a newly created digital booklet as well in pdf format.

At the time of this writing, this 2017 remaster has not had a physical release, and has only been issued to iTunes. Although originally told that a vinyl pressing was due in the fall of 2018, that release appears to have been delayed and at this time has not occurred, although we are told plans still include that release.

Liner Notes

2017 Album Remaster:
Directed by The Edge. Remastering Engineering by Scott Sedillo at Bernie Grundman Mastering. Audio Master Transfer Director: Declan Gaffney. Project Production Managers: Candida Bottaci and Nadine King. Project Production Manager for Island Records / UMC: Lisa Power. Archive Manager: Rebecca Coffey.

Design by DZN, The Design Group: Norm Ung, Tracy Weston, Riea Pendleton-Owens
Front cover photography by Anton Corbijn.


Digital Booklet Art Direction:
Shaughn McGrath and Gary Kelly, AMP Visual

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