"Remasters 1980 - 1983" - U2

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This single disc CD was released to promote the release of U2’s first three albums in a remastered form in 2008. The promotional single contained one song from each of the three albums “Boy”, “October” and “War” as well as one song off of each of those disc’s deluxe version. The CD was released in a slimline jewel case with a unique insert.

The CDs were distributed mostly to professional merchants to use as a sampler in shop to allow customers to listen to a track from each of the discs. A small number were used for contests. These were distributed to these shops close to the release date of July 21st, 2008.

Some copies were distributed to radio, and a number of these were stickered to highlight all three albums were being remastered, that the remastering was from the original audio tapes, and that The Edge had overseen the remastering.

Further, a digital promo was sent to radio stations with the same tracks on July 7, 2008.

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