"Songs of Experience Album Sampler" - U2

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This four track, “Album Sampler” for the album Songs of Experience, is a four track CDR in a custom card sleeve, that was produced in small quantities in the UK to promote the album release ahead of the full release of the album.

The samplers were included as a gift in a bag of goodies including a sheet of stickers, a promo stencil poster, and T-Shirts at a radio hosted album listening event held by Universal in the UK. As well a small number of these bags were given out to retailers in the UK to distribute on the day of the album release. The contents given out by retailers matched the contents given away at the album listening event.

The front sleeve of the release is labeled “U2 Songs of Experience” about the silhouette of Eli and Sian, and the words “Album Sampler” below. The back sleeve has the silhouette of Eli and Sian in blue and black, and lists the four tracks, record label credits and lists “Promotional Use Only”. There is no catalog number anywhere on the release.

The disc itself has a black and white printed label affixed to the disc. This is not printed on the disc itself. Again, like the sleeve, there is no catalog number on this disc.

The sticker sheet accompanying the disc includes a series of clear stickers, printed in black and grey. One sticker is circular and has U2 in the album font. Another is the silhouette of Eli and Sian. A third sticker is the album cover printed in black and grey. Two other stickers contain lyrics, “Free yourself to be yourself” and “Singers cry about everything”. The final sticker features “Songs of Experience” in a calligraphy style font with the lyric “And there is a light, don’t let it go out” below the album title.

The T-Shirt made available with these goodie bags was a black T-Shirt with the album cover printed in black and white on the front, with the title across the center of the album cover.

This package was put together and distributed by Universal Records in the UK.

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