"Songs of Surrender" - U2


Track Listing:

Confirmed Titles of Chapters in Surrender

  • “Out of Control” – U2
  • “Two Hearts Beat as One” – U2
  • “Bad” – U2
  • “One” – U2
  • “Beautiful Day” – U2
  • “Iris (Hold Me Close)” – U2

Possible Titles

  • “Luminous Times” – U2 (Seen in promotional artwork)
  • “40” – U2 (There are 40 chapters)
  • “Another Time, Another Place” (Title used on The New Yorker cover)
  • “The Showman” (quoted in animation in U2 countdown #40)
  • “Cedarwood Road” (focus of U2 countdown #39)

Please note: Album has not yet been announced. Artwork to the right is not the final artwork.

Background Information

PLEASE NOTE: This entry is for a rumoured, not yet announced album by U2. Information on this page is presented based on information shared by previously reliable sources, but until such time that there is an official announcement things may change before the announcement.

In April, 2022, we were able to tell you that Songs of Surrender, an album of recreated songs from U2’s past would be coming this Fall with a rumoured November 18, 2022 release date. On May 10, Bono’s autobiography Surrender was officially announced, which is being released on November 1, 2022. Each of the forty chapters in the book will be named after a past U2 song. We are told that the chapter titles are also the songs that U2 have revisited for this new album, which has yet to be announced. The album will follow at some point after the book release, and will not be packaged with the book.

The first information shared with us suggested there would be a single-disc version of the release. It appears this will be just one format, and that a full 40-song version of the release is also planned. Digital releases, and streaming will also be available. The vinyl and CD sets will be pressed in Europe, and distributed worldwide.

Although some of these will be acoustic recreations, they are not just being done in an acoustic format, and some of the songs are expected to be quite different in sound from the original songs. Rumours have also been shared with us that the next album of new material will be released next year, and plans are being developed for performances starting mid-year in 2023.

Recording of this album of new versions of older songs started after U2 finished the most recent tour in December 2019. The songs were finished in 2020, and early 2021. The album will feature U2 songs from throughout their entire career, recorded in new ways. A list has not been announced yet of book chapters, however “Out of Control’ was revealed when the book was announced, and “Beautiful Day” and “Two Hearts Beat as One” are included as well. The titles “Bad”, “Iris (Hold Me Close)” and “One” have all been revealed in a recent review by Kirkus. Additionally promotional art for the book lists “Luminous Times” in the artwork, and “40” seems obvious, but these last two titles are not confirmed. The songs on the album should match the chapter titles in use in the book.

Adam Clayton first mentioned the project in 2021 in an interview with Rocky O’Riordan on U2 X-Radio, “Well, you know we are playing around with rearranging some of the songs that we have and setting them in a more acoustic environment. Edge got a bit of a bee in his bonnet and said you know, no pun intended, said lets look at these songs and imagine them in a different context. So we are playing around with that. He’s putting a lot of work into changing the keys, and moving them onto piano and that sort of thing. And hopefully we will have something towards the end of the year that will show a different light on U2. I think it’s an opportunity to explore different versions of the band in a way. Because it’s very much the early days, it’s embryonic, it could go somewhere between Leonard Cohen or Johnny Cash – very stripped down and bare – towards something that is very lush. Very hard to say where it will end up or if it will all end up with the same tone across it, or if each song will be treated differently. I’m excited to see how the songs could exist in a different universe.”

Later he appeared on the Rockonteurs podcast and mentioned, “We have been recording acoustic versions of some of our catalog in different keys and different tempos just as a challenge.” In November 2021, he spoke about the project with O Globo, saying that the new interpretations “breathe new life into the songs.” At that point he wasn’t sure if the songs would be released as one project or as a series of ‘events.’

We are told a single from the album will be released in advance of the album and it has been shared that the new recording of “Where the Streets Have No Name” has been sent to DJs to compile remixes of the new version of the song. It could be this first single, but that is not yet confirmed. We expect an announcement of this compilation of new recordings of older songs to be announced in the next few weeks. Bono has started to do appearances to promote the book, and we are tracking those appearances here.

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