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On June 30, 2010, for two days only, subscribers of u2.com were able to log in and hear a recording of the song “Soon”. The file streaming was an mp3 file, encoded at a bitrate of 320kbps, and taken from a digital source instead of being encoded from a vinyl recording.

The song “Soon” was the song which played before U2 would take the stage during the U2360° tour in 2009 – 2010. At that time, setlists referred to the song as “Kingdom” and references were also made to “Kingdom of Love”. It wasn’t until the release of the deluxe version of “U2360° Live from the Rosebowl” was released that the name “Soon” was used. In that deluxe version, the song was pressed to 7” vinyl and released with a unique cover. The version released online, streaming through U2.com was the same version of the song.

The original location for the file was http://www.u2.com/news/article/5690

The text on that page originally stated: “Soon was recorded in 2008 during the sessions for ‘No Line on the Horizon’. Originally entitled ‘Kingdom of your Love’, it was the intro music you heard as the band arrived on stage during last year’s 360 dates. If you’ve got the Super Deluxe Box Set of the Rose Bowl DVD, you’ll have found this track on the 7” vinyl single, one of the special bonus features in the collection. If you haven’t, here it is for your enjoyment – a U2.com Subscribers exclusive. For two days only.” After the two days were up, added was the tag line “(Stream now removed, glad you liked it…)”

There was no direct way to download the song, and listeners were expected to log onto u2.com and listen through that page if they desired to listen.

Liner Notes

No traditional liner notes in this digital release.

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