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Although not released in the traditional sense, we do document full tracks streamed via U2.com as they pop up. On October 25, 2023, a new streaming item was set up on U2.com, made up of remixes of Achtung Baby songs, tied to promotion of their 36 concerts at Sphere in Las Vegas.

The songs can be accessed at u2spacebaby.u2.com – the site invites you to “tune in to listen to the Achtung Baby speak” and includes an enter button. When you choose enter you are met with one of two messages. The first message, “Waiting for signal, Broadcast offline” is accompanied by remixes from Achtung Baby. You will hear a randomly chosen remix when you receive this message from one of seven tracks. (Reload the site, and hit enter again, and you’ll receive a different track at random.) When the broadcast is available you can access an additional track which includes audio of the “Achtung Baby” speaking. The broadcast is available around the times that shows are happening in Las Vegas.

  • Hit “Enter”
  • Wait, do not hit further buttons at this stage, the Ambient tracks should start playing.
  • Hitting reload at this point, and then “Enter” again should switch to another random track.
  • If the broadcast is online and you hit the “Tune In” button you’ll hear the “Ultra Violet (Light My Way)” (Drone – Sphere) mix, or the “Space Baby Medley”

The tracks accessed when attempting to visit the site are the same tracks which fans have heard providing the soundtrack at the Zoo Station exhibition in Las Vegas. They are also heard in some of the common areas of Sphere on concert days. The loop at Zoo Station, does not include the baby talking. The baby can be heard speaking at Sphere.

The tracks include remixes of “So Cruel”, “Zoo Station”, “Ultra Violet” and “One”. We have been told that Brian Eno was involved in the mixing of these tracks, however, we are still working to identify the exact creative team credits for these tracks.

Since Sphere and Zoo Station have opened, fans attending these locations have been asking for these ambient mixes be made available, and this is the first time we have seen them available in any manner. These mixes are streaming only, and are in a compressed audio format (mp3). The first track is identified by the title “drone-corrected-key.mp3” and has been used in advertising for the shows at Sphere. The final track is identified by the title “baby-v2-18102023.mp3”.

If anyone is listening, fans are loving this remixes, and many have requested the ability to download these…

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