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“Summer of Love” was first delivered to radio in The Netherlands in January 2018. This was a test market for the song. The song delivered was a slight edit of the album track, which removed some silence at the end of the song, as well as fading out earlier, resulting in a song that is 4.75s shorter than the album version. This “Radio Edit” of the song was distributed digitally to radio station, and no promotional CDs were pressed for this item. However, the compilation Essential Hits Issue 155 which is distributed to promote music to on air Djs, did feature the shorter edit of the song. The early radio promotion of the song was restricted to The Netherlands and several related territories. It was an early run to see how the song might perform without a full release.

Like “Love is Bigger Than Anything in its Way” a campaign was undertaken to deliver remixes to DJs in clubs. Most of this promotion was handled by the company Citrusonic on behalf of Island, although Hyperactive also distributed promotional mixes in Europe during the campaign. These mixes are commissioned by DJs, and are approved by U2, and mastered by U2’s team. The remixes were delivered digitally to DJs, and we are not aware of any physical CDs used in promotion for this release. (Those you see on eBay are bootlegs, and not issued by Universal / Island.) The first release of remixes for promotion happened on August 4, with two remixes by Robin Schulz delivered for promo. Additional promotional drops were done between August 4 and October 13, 2018. Further details of each of these drops can be found below.

Two commercial releases were also done. On August 10, 2018 a four track remix EP was released to digital services. A second 4 track remix EP was issued on November 23, 2018 titled the “Club Remixes EP.” (The “Ralphi Rosario Dub Mix” issued on the commercial single was an edit of the version sent out for promotion and listed above.)

U2 also issued some of the remixes through their YouTube channel. These mixes have been released with a simple video which features a slight animation of the artwork, and the name of the mix. The following are the two releases via that channel:

September 7, 2018:

September 13, 2018:

The MINDSKAP and Ralphi’s Summer Love Remix were debuted on YouTube, prior to being released for promotion.

Another remix featuring Lauren Jauregui from Fifth Harmony was also recorded, but never released to our knowledge. An additional remix by HP Hoeger and Rusty Egan was done, but also not released. This was called the Sunset Mix, and although not released, Egan has used the mix in some of his online mixes.

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