"Summer Rain" - U2

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This promotional release for the USA featured a one-track 5-inch CD released by Interscope Records. It arrived in a plain white card sleeve, with no markings on the outer sleeve. The CD itself is printed, and looks similar to the “Beautiful Day” singles released commercially in other regions, in this case with a black disc, with the sun icon in a white oval. The CD just contains “Summer Rain” which had been issued elsewhere as a b-side to “Beautiful Day”.

This CD was identical to a commercial release that accompanied the “All That You Can’t Leave Behind” album in the USA, with the exception of the catalog number. In some shops when you bought the album, it came with a bonus CD, which featured just one track, “Summer Rain” (Circuit City / Best Buy / Barnes and Noble) or “Always” (Best Buy). The CD looks identical to this promotional one, but can be distinguished by the catalog number on the disc. The version released commercially lists “3145483292” under the Interscope logo, and the promotional release lists “INTR-10220-2” under the Interscope logo. Both copies list “Not for Sale” in the small text surrounding the disc.

Liner Notes

Summer Rain:
Music by U2. Lyrics by Bono and the Edge. Produced by Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno. Engineered and mixed by Richard Rainey. Assisted by Chris Heaney

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