"Sunday Bloody Sunday (Live from Auckland with Jay-Z)" - U2

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On December 11, 2010, u2.com carried a track recorded live in Auckland on November 25, 2010. The track was streamed on u2.com for subscribers only, and you had to be logged into the site to see the stream. The initial stream was at http://www.u2.com/news/article/5936 – and that web address was still active at the time of this writing, but the stream has been removed. The file streamed was an mp3 encoded at 256kbps. No option to download was given to subscribers, and it was intended only for streaming. The stream was posted only for 24 hours and then removed. The track streamed was “Sunday Bloody Sunday” which was performed that night with opening act Jay-Z joining U2 on stage for the performance.

The content on the page read as follows: “Ahead of U2360° arriving in Sydney on Monday, take a listen to this exclusive audio of U2 featuring Jay-Z on ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’. Jay-Z first performed the song with the band in Berlin in 2009, at the twentieth anniversary celebrations of the fall of the Berlin Wall. This version has been recorded on the current New Zealand/Australia leg of the 360 Tour – which culminates with shows in Sydney on Monday and Tuesday and Perth on Saturday and Sunday.” After the stream ended “Thanks for the comments, that exclusive 24hour airing is over now.” was added to the listing. The accompanying photo on the article was a picture of Bono and Jay-Z performing together and The Edge in the background.

The same performance of “Sunday Bloody Sunday” with Jay-Z would appear on the fan club album “Duals”, released in the spring of 2011 through the fan club.

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