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The “Talk Pop” promotional disc was a 5-inch CD which contained an interview of U2 with Dave Fanning, a long time friend of the band, and a well known radio show host in Ireland. Involved in the interview are all four members of U2. Three different releases were pressed, all three being released in the same sleeve with the exception of the catalog number on the back of the sleeve in the top right hand corner of the CD. The cover featured a photo of each member of U2 in black and white, very different from the “Pop” album, but laid out in a similar grid. The back cover featured a picture of The Edge with a mirror plated guitar.

There was slight differences in the recordings as well. Each disc has it’s own catalog number POP1, POP2 and POP3. POP1 contains only the replies by U2 to the questions from Fanning. It did not contain Fanning’s questions. POP2 features both Fanning’s questions and U2’s replies. For more information on the differences see the catalog area below.

Some copies of POP 2 sent out were accompanied by a 7-page transcription of the interview, which listed both the questions and the answers. This was printed in black and white, with the first page of the seven as a title page.

Liner Notes

Interview by Dave Fanning. Radio Producer / Engineer: Locky Butler. Additional Engineering by Ken Galvan.

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