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In late 2017 as U2 were promoting the new release of Songs of Experience several songs were sent out for promotion ahead of the album release, including “You’re The Best Thing About Me,” “Get Out of Your Own Way,” “American Soul” and “The Blackout.” “The Blackout” was the first song that many heard from the new album, with the song being shared as a video on Facebook at the time of the album announcement.

The promotional release for “The Blackout” was only distributed digitally. No physical copies were produced. The materials sent out for promotion included the album version of the song, an instrumental version of the song, and the Jacknife Lee Remix of the song. The exact date these songs were sent out for promotion is unknown, but we are told it was near the date of the release of “The Blackout“ for Record Store Day as a commercial single. The instrumental version is an instrumental version of the album track, and not a further remix of the song. The songs were released in both compressed and uncompressed formats.

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