"The Crystal Ballroom (12-Inch Mix)" - U2

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The day before copies of the new album “Songs of Innocence” were due to be physically released, u2.com announced a special treat for subscribers. They started streaming “The Crystal Ballroom (12-Inch Mix)” on the u2.com site for subscribers. To hear the stream one had to be logged into the site and a paid subscriber. This particular track was released only on the 12-inch vinyl releases of “Songs of Innocence” and the deluxe version of “Songs of Innocence” on CD in Japan.Thus the digital stream was welcomed by many subscribers.

The track that was streamed was a 256-kbps mp3 file, from a digital source. On the website, it was accompanied by a news story about the physical release, as well as an image with the name of the song and the symbol from Larry’s tattoo. The front page of u2.com also contained a larger image announcing this track for those who were logged in when viewing the main site. Unlike past exclusives, this one does not appear to be time limited and is still available for subscribers to listen to at: http://www.u2.com/news/title/the-crystal-ballroom-12-mix-now-streaming/

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