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“The First Six” was a box set made by Dischi Records in Italy, distributor of U2’s albums there. There were two different versions produced, one a six 12-inch record set including Boy, October, War, Under a Blood Red Sky, The Unforgettable Fire, and Rattle and Hum. The second box contained the same albums but in cassette format. These were commercially available but in limited numbers. There are suggestions that less than 4000 copies exist. These box sets included the commonly available Italian pressings of each album.

The catalog on these box sets was U2TWO 6 (LP) and UTWO K6 (Cassette).

Inside the box, was also an insert listing the discography of U2 to date (singles and albums) including the release date of “Where the Streets Have No Name” in August 1987. So this box set was produced after that time. The other side of the insert had a text piece about the history of the band titled U2: The Eighties, the 20th Century. That piece was dated September 1987.

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