"The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)" - U2

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A few days after the surprise release of “Songs of Innocence” at the Apple keynote event, promotional copies of “The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)” started circulating in Europe. A version was released in a cardboard sleeve, and was used for promotion in France. A second version featured a generic CD, and a generic cardboard sleeve, and was pressed in Denmark.

Due to the decline of promotional CDs in Europe and North America, there was no pressing of a single in the UK or the USA, and these markets were serviced by digital promotional releases, rather than a physical release. The promotional singles are made by the local record label, as was done with “Invisible”. Thus, the quality of these singles are not on par with previous promotional releases, and these tend to be CDR copies with lower quality inserts. Also due to the small demand for these promotional releases, the prices on these promotional singles has remained high.

A number of copies in a slimline jewel case did pop up, in both “The Netherlands” and in “Taiwan”. These used the single cover that was seen at u2.com – but both of these releases are not legitimate. All of the copies suggesting they are from “The Netherlands” seem to have originated in the UK.

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