"The Saints Are Coming (Live from New Orleans)" - U2

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In September 2005 Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans. At the time U2 participated in a number of telethons to raise money to help New Orleans out, but The Edge also got involved in a more long term way, helping to start the Music Rising Campaign, which was used to raise funds to help return music to New Orleans. In 2006, U2 released the single “The Saints Are Coming”, recorded with Green Day, and the proceeds from that song were donated to the Music Rising Campaign. The song itself was released on the U2 compilation album, “U218 Singles” and was released as a commercial and promotional single.

Prior to the release of the studio version of the song, U2 and Green Day performed the song live on September 25, 2006, at the opening game of the New Orleans Saints football team. During that performance, The Edge joined Green Day on stage to perform “Wake Me Up When September Ends” and then all of U2 performed with Green Day to perform “The Saints Are Coming” and then a short performance of “Beautiful Day”. The performance of “The Saints Are Coming” was advertised as being available on the Rhapsody music service that evening as soon as the performance had taken place. The performance and game was the reopening of the Louisiana Superdome, which had been closed for repair after the hurricane. The performance by U2 and Green Day was a pre-game show prior to the football game.

Prior to the actual live performance, Rhapsody had a song available for download. The song was a live recording of the song with crowd noise and all. Shortly after the performance was complete and broadcast on TV, the actual performance from that night was made available and replaced the earlier version that had been posted. What occurred is during rehearsals, the song had been sound checked and this version was recorded. That rehearsal version was made available on the Rhapsody download service immediately while editing and mixing of the live broadcast performance was undertaken. This allowed users to log in immediately and download a copy of U2 and Green Day performing the song, and the rehearsals were done in front of a live audience. When the version that had been performed during the football game was ready, it was made available on Rhapsody, and the rehearsal version was immediately removed.

When the commercial single was released for “The Saints Are Coming” it included the live performance that was performed during the game. The rehearsal version was not released on this single, nor is it expected that the rehearsal version will be released in any format again, as it was a placeholder until the actual live performance was ready for release. Both versions were recorded live on September 25, 2006 at the Louisiana Superdome, in New Orleans. Only the Rhapsody service in the USA made these tracks available, they were not released to other online digital services.

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