"The Unforgettable Fire Collection" - U2


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  • The Making of The Unforgettable Fire Documentary (28:02) – Includes second version of “Pride”

Background Information

This collection starts out with a number of musical videos from U2 including:

  • The Unforgettable Fire (Studio Track, Normal Promotional Video)
  • Bad (Live from Birmingham)
  • Pride (Studio Track, Colour version, not the Sepia Toned Version)
  • A Sort of Homecoming (Live from London)

The video then shifts to a documentary which is 28:02 in length, and features footage of U2 recording “The Unforgettable Fire” at Slane Castle. At the end of the video is a second video for “Pride”, this time with footage from the recording sessions at Slane Castle. The entire video is about 51 minutes in length. The video was produced by a variety of producers and credit is given to James Morris, Michael Hamlyn, Barry Devlin, and Meiert Avis.

Although the first video of “Pride” is musically 03:50 in length, there is some atmospheric noises at the start of the video as they zoom in which takes the entire video to 04:05.

A number of sites list this as an early 1985 release, however, it was not, and several new to video articles at the end of 1985, point towards this having been released in November 1985.

The back of the box listed the following:

For U2, the period from May 1984 to May 1985 was an extraordinary one. In that time they recorded and released The Unforgettable Fire and undertook a world tour that took them onto a new plane as perhaps the world’s top act. In Bono’s own phrase, having climbed to the top of one mountain, they went to find another. Here in songs and images is the story of that singular ascent.

In this unique compilation you’ll see and hear what it is that has made The Unforgettable Fire unforgettable, from the extraordinary visual images of Pride (In the Name of Love) and the Unforgettable Fire single to the documentary style of A Sort of homecoming and Bad – here released in video form for the first time. Here too, you’ll see the special half-hour documentary of the actual making of the album, shot on location at Slane Castle and Windmill Lane Studios. The Unforgettable Fire, tour and album is a memorable chapter in the U2 story. The images on this video package chronicle it faithfully.

In 2002, U2 fans got a treat with the release of U2 Go Home: Live at Slane Castle on DVD. That DVD featured an added bonus, which was the documentary originally presented in this collection. However, the music videos at the start were not included. In 2009, the entire “The Unforgettable Fire Collection” was included as part of a bonus DVD with the deluxe edition of the remaster of “The Unforgettable Fire”.

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