"The Virtual Road: U2 Live at Red Rocks: Under A Blood Red Sky" - U2


Track Listing:

All tracks are taken from the June 5, 1983 Denver (Morrison) show. The tracks included here on this EP were taken from St Goarhausen, Germany on the original Under A Blood Red Sky album.

Background Information

As part of The Virtual Road series of concerts being shown on YouTube, a series of digital audio EPs were also released to streaming services and digital storefronts. The EP for the second show, “Live At Red Rocks” includes a number of songs taken from the video filmed in Denver, CO. (Actually in Morrison, CO, but in a venue owned by the City of Denver.) Although a live album was released in 1983 to accompany the original video, the songs on that live album were mostly taken from other performances, and thus this EP is the first time these songs have been released in an audio format. The songs are new mixes of the songs, and are mixed so that the EP plays continuous with no fade out between tracks, even though these songs did not follow each other in concert.

The Virtual Road is a series of four previous concert releases, being shown on YouTube for free in March and April 2021, including the Slane Castle video from 2001, the performance from Red Rocks in 1983, Mexico City in 1997 and Paris in 2015. These follow on similar shows of Zoo TV Live From Sydney, Elevation Live from Boston, Vertigo Live from Chicago, and the Experience and Innocence Tour Live from Berlin all shown in high resolution via U2.Com in 2020. At this time no physical release is planned for these shows, and there is no known plans for a physical release of this digital EP.

This EP will contain tracks taken from the June 6, 1983 show at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre. The original Under A Blood Red Sky album contained only two tracks from the Denver performance, “Party Girl” and “Gloria,” with the remainder of tracks being taken from shows elsewhere, thus the bulk of the songs from Denver (Morrison) have only been released in a video format prior to this. Some tracks have been released elsewhere, with “Twilight” and “An Cat Dubh / Into the Heart” being used as B-Sides for the single “Sweetest Thing“ in 1998, and “New Year’s Day” being released on the Red Rocks Live album in 2018.

The four EPs released for The Virtual Road are:

Separate from the EP, U2 are also adding videos to their YouTube page, and various digital storefronts. Unlike the full performance, these will remain up after the initial 48 hours. On YouTube these have been posted at 1080p, on other services they are standard definition. Five videos from Red Rocks are available:

Although five videos are available via YouTube, only three are available at services such as Tidal and iTunes, “Gloria,” “11 O’Clock Tick Tock” and “40” are the three available on these services.

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