"Their Words and Music" - U2

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This interview disc was done based on the popularity of “The U2 Talkie” for promotion of the album in Europe. Instead of using an Irish DJ to conduct the interview, this release contains an American DJ, Carter Alan of WBCN in Boston conducting the interview. The songs contained on this release are the album versions of the songs, however the songs are occasionally over written with content of Carter Alan and U2 in discussion. The album lists it as having been produced by Carter Alan, WBCN-FN on April 7, 1987.

The release was in black vinyl, with a white label. The album was released in a generic black Island records sleeve, to which a white sticker has been attached. The sticker reads “U2 The Joshua Tree Interview: Their Words & Music”. It also contains an image of the joshua tree, and the catalog number.

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