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Background Information

U2.Communication was the third CD released by the U2 fan club, and the first after the club went to a digital-only web subscription. Released as a two-disc set comprised of a CD and a CD-ROM, U2.Communication was sent when subscribers signed up for the year 2006. The CD contained eight live tracks recorded during The Vertigo Tour. The CD-ROM featured video content, screensavers, and wallpapers. The set was first announced on November 28, 2005, and shipping commenced immediately, with the first reports of the CD reaching subscribers posted on December 15. Some copies were reportedly shipped with the 2005 keychain gift included if the subscription was purchased at full price rather than the renewal price, although quantities of the keychain were limited. The set was issued in a gatefold cardboard sleeve that, when opened, revealed credits for the release as well as a slot for the CD on one side and a slot for the CD-ROM on the other. The design featured the familiar black-and-red diagonal bars found on How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb and other releases from The Vertigo Tour period.

The CD contains four songs taken from the May 9th, 2005 performance in Chicago IL: “City of Blinding Lights,” “Vertigo,” “Elevation,” and “Miracle Drug.” The fifth song taken from the Chicago, IL shows, “The Fly,” is from the May 10th performance. “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” and “With or Without You” were recorded in Milan, Italy on July 21st, 2005. The final track on the CD is “Miss Sarajevo” which was taken from the July 20th show in Milan. (The version of “Miss Sarajevo” that appeared on the bonus DVD released with U218 Singles is a different recording, captured during the July 21st show.)

Once inserted into the computer, the CD-ROM disc had to be “activated” by entering the user’s U2.com membership details and password. Unfortunately, as of this writing, the database used for this process appears to be no longer available online, making straightforward activation of the disc impossible. However, by searching the file directories on the CD-ROM, most of the content remains accessible. Included is a video (mpg, 320×184) of U2 performing “Vertigo” in Milan. A second video (mpg, 320×184), set to a clip of “Love and Peace or Else,” is an animation created specifically for the U2.Communication release. Five screensavers are also included, using images taken from the LED screens used during The Vertigo Tour.

This compilation is the only location to find the audio recordings of “City of Blinding Lights,” “Elevation,” “Miracle Drug,” and “The Fly,” although these tracks also appear in video format on the Vertigo 2005: Live From Chicago DVD. The Chicago version of “Vertigo” can also be found in video form on the DVD, as well as in audio form on the “Vertigo Live from Chicago” promotional CD. “With or Without You” and “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” from the Milan show were both featured on the audio download available in some regions with U218 Singles. The version of “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” on U2.Communication is an edit of the longer version found on that release. The Milan performance of “Miss Sarajevo” on U2.Communication is the same version released on the “All Because of You” single. The Milan performance of “Miss Sarajevo” released with U218 Singles in digital format was taken from a different night of the tour.

With the release of U2.Communication the U2 fan club began issuing CDs as a gift with subscription on an annual basis. This was the first in that series. The CD shipped with an ominous warning that read: “Please note the copying or downloading of this U2.COMmunication CD is strictly prohibited. Any U2.com member found copying or downloading this CD will be banned immediately with no refund. We appreciate your support in combating piracy.” However, there were no reports of any member having been removed for this reason.

Liner Notes

Vertigo tour sound Engineer: Joe O’Herlihy. Music recorded by Robbie Adams. Music produced and mixed by Carl Glanville. Mastering: Arnie Acosta at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood. Audio Post Production: Cheryl Engels at Partial Productions Inc.

Design and authoring of CD-Rom: Digital:CC. Project Manager: Jeremy Joseph / De-Lux.

Intro Animation – Design: Shaughn McGrath / Four5One Creative. Motion Graphics: Brian Williams / Supersixtyeight

Vertigo – Live from Milan: Directed by Hamish Hamilton. Produced by Ned O’Hanlon.

Declaration of Human Rights – Spoken Word Screensaver – Director: Catherine Owens. Narrator: Beng Kamsaard.

Yahweh – Heart Screensaver – Director: Catherine Owens. Animation: Juan Delcan.

Yahweh – Dove Screensaver – Director: Catherine Owens. Animation: Juan Delcan.

Miracle Drug – DNA Screensaver – Concept: Willie Williams. Motion Graphics: Luke Halls.

Vertigo – Screensaver – Design: Shaughn McGrath / Four5One Creative. Motion Graphics: Brian Williams / Supersixtyeight.

Wallpapers from the How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb Artbook.


Packaging design by Shaughn McGrath / Four5One Creative.

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