"U2360° At the Rose Bowl: A 360 Landscape" - U2

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This 2010 promotional CD was released in Mexico to promote the release of the U2 performance from the Rose Bowl being released on DVD and Blu-Ray. This promotional CD was released in a card sleeve, and was intended to be given out free of charge to those who purchased the video on the first day of sales at the store Mix Up, a Mexican record store. The CD featured similar artwork as the “U2360° At the Rose Bowl” Promotional CD, but contains a different image on the back, as well as different tracks.

Although listed as being live from the Rose Bowl performance, the performance included here of “I’ll Go Crazy if I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight” is actually the performance from Dublin Ireland in 2009 that had been used on the “Artificial Horizon” fan club CD. Indeed all of the tracks used on this free release are taken from that fan club release, and repackaged together here.

The item was limited in pressing, and it’s been suggested that only 1000 copies were given away as part of the promotion.

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