"U2 at Live Aid" - U2

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On April 24, 2021, this digital release of U2’s performance at Live Aid was released to digital streaming sites, and some download stores. The editing of the tracks is done the same as the 2018 release of Live Aid in audio format in digital storefronts. The album when it was released in 2018 was initially just available in 16-bit quality, but it has been reissued at 24-bit, and this single is also available at 24-bit. This release uses the same ‘cover art’ as the album, with an added “U2”. A standalone release of Bono’s performance with Band Aid on “Do They Know it’s Christmas?” from that day is also available.

This release is available to purchase from sites such as 7 Digital and Amazon. Qobuz does not allow the release as an item for sale, but does offer a streaming only version of the release. The release is also available through streaming services such as Deezer.

“Sunday Bloody Sunday” appears here with Bono’s introduction where he says “Sunday Bloody Sunday” and the track comes in at 05:24. On the Live Aid DVD, the song is tracked so that the entire intro by Jack Nicholson is included, as well as Bono saying the song title and comes in at 05:45. On The Unforgettable Fire deluxe set, Bono’s intro where he says the song title is removed and the edit runs 05:28. “Bad” on the DVD release plays into an interview with Phil Collins, and runs 12:02 in total, but is split into two pieces. On The Unforgettable Fire, the audio fades out early to avoid the interview with Phil Collins. On this audio release, like the full Live Aid audio release, the track is 12:12 in length, and fades out before the interview with Collins. These edits are the same as the 2018 release of Live Aid.

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