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On March 17, 2010 U2.com sent out an announcement about the release of U2’s “Artificial Horizon” on vinyl. The fan club CD that year, “Artificial Horizon” was being pressed on purple vinyl, and would be commercially released through the store at U2.com, and pre-orders for the vinyl would be taken for eight weeks. When one pre-ordered the vinyl set, an exclusive track was sent to the purchaser, a remix by Snow Patrol of U2’s “Unknown Caller”. The track was not featured on the CD, the vinyl that could be ordered, or indeed on any other release, and was only made available by purchasing “Artificial Horizon” on vinyl. The song was delivered DRM free in mp3 format at 320kbps format.

Although listed as being remixed by Snow Patrol, the song itself was produced by Johnny McDaid of Snow Patrol. Johnny plays piano, rhythm guitar and backing vocals in Snow Patrol, and has also been active outside of Snow Patrol as a writer, producer, engineer and a recording artist. The remix was produced in January of 2010. Snow Patrol does not appear on the song, and have only participated in remixing of the track. Tom Simpson, keyboardist for Snow Patrol also participated with Johnny on the remix of the track, and mentions that this was the first project he did with Johnny McDaid.

Although the song was only commercially available when purchasing the vinyl album through u2.com, the keyboardist for Snow Patrol, Tom Simpson, did post the remix of the song on soundcloud.com. On that site the song was titled Unknown Caller (SPRMX). The song can be streamed from that site.

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