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In 2009, director Jim Sheridan would use the song “Winter” in his movie “Brothers”. U2 fans were already familiar with the song, as an earlier version of the song appeared on the movie “Linear” which was included with many formats of “No Line on the Horizon”. That movie, was made by Anton Corbijn to accompany an early version of the album, and “Winter” was cut from the album after that film was made, and indeed was one of the last tracks cut from the album. This version of “Winter” used on “Brothers” is a different version of the song, with different lyrics and instrumentation. It is a separate recording from what appeared on “Brothers”.

In late 2009 in advance of awards season, “Winter” was released on promotional CD to be sent around for consideration for an award at the Golden Globes and the Oscars. The promotional CD was a CDR, and held the version of the song that can be heard over the closing credits of the movie “Brothers”. There was a back insert in the CDR jewel case, but no front covers.

The song was nominated for a Golden Globe, and the U2 track was nominated for a Golden Globe, but did not win the award. It was not even nominated for the Oscar.

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