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“Wire” was considered as a single for promotion of the album “The Unforgettable Fire”. It did get a release to radio in the form of a promotional single. In the USA a 12-inch promotional single was produced with the album version of “Wire” on both sides of the vinyl. The vinyl was released in a generic Island “12” sleeve. “A Sort of Homecoming” was also released to radio via a 12-inch promotional release as a follow up to the release of “Wire”.

The UK release of “Wire” featured both the album versions of “Bad” and “The Unforgettable Fire” and these contained the same tracks on both sides. The promotional release featured a custom picture label, with a photograph of the entire band. It was released in a generic black sleeve.

“Wire” would see release as a single later in life when the group Jeep Grrlz, would incorporate the song into their single “Re-Wired”. The band were playing the remix of the track in clubs throughout Europe, and Island Records hearing the song chose to sign them rather than sue them, and approached U2 about the release of the song. The Edge gave permission for a release, and in 1999 the song was issued as a single on Island Records with a number of remixes.

Liner Notes

All titles composed by U2. Additional Engineering: Kevin Killen. Produced by Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois.

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