"Your Song Saved My Life" - U2

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To date there have been two promotional releases done digitally for “Your Song Saved My Life”. No physical pressings of the song have circulated at this time that we are aware of but we will update if we are made aware of any such promotions.

The day the single was revealed, November 3, 2021, the single version of the song was made available at streaming store fronts and digital streaming services. The track was made available as well for promotion and was distributed to radio DJs and people in the music industry as a digital file. This version which is 03:30 in length, is the same version that appears on digital copies of the soundtrack album.

A second version of the song, 23 seconds longer than the first was distributed for promotion on November 12, 2021. The mix sounds very similar to the shorter version, and there is only one extra verse, “Yes, your song saved my life, It’s what got me to the other side, I was broken now I’m hoping your love keeps me alive.” At this time we believe this longer version of the song to be sent for promotion only. This second promotional drop coincides with emails being sent out by Universal Music internationally promoting the song, as well as additional advertisement for the song including a YouTube Music ad for the song in Times Square.

During the fourth week of November, on November 24 we believe, a further digital promotion was distributed to DJs and music industry people. The release this time included three tracks, the longer version of the song which was issued on November 12, as well as two other versions. The “Extended Intro” sees a longer intro on the long version of the song, and does include the extra verse. There was also a short edit of the song which comes in just over 3 minutes, and which does not include the extra verse. These were distributed by digital means only to our knowledge and we are not aware of any physical promotional discs at this time.

Finally, on January 26, 2022, the song was serviced to Modern Rock Radio stations throughout the North American radio market. The song was again delivered by digital means, and there were no physical promotional discs. The song distributed is the longer version of the song, but there are some minor edits done to the track. Some of the backing noise that could be heard at the back of the original “Long Version” has been removed. Also some of the silence at the end of the track has also been removed. There is no mix name given to this track, we are calling it the “Long Version – Edit” due to the similarities between the two released tracks.

Liner Notes

Your Song Saved My Life:
Music by U2. Lyrics by U2.
Produced by Declan Gaffney, Jacknife Lee and Martijn Garritsen.
Vocals by Bono. GUitar by The Edge. Bass by Adam Clayton. Drums by Larry Mullen. Piano by The Edge.
Additional Piano by Jacknife Lee. Additional Guitars by Martijn Garritsen, Mark Otten.
Strings Arranged & Performed by Davide Rossi.
Background Vocals by The Edge, Jacknife Lee.
Programmng by Jacknife Lee, Martijn Garritsen.
Mixed by Martijn Garritsen & Mark Otten at STMPD Studios.
Mastered by Martijn Garritsen & Mark Otten at STMPD Studios.
Editing and Additional Engineering by Matt Bishop.

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