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Full Tracklisting:

CD consists of interviews and songs mixed together into a one hour program for radio. A fifth track is 0:20 in length and is a commercial for the radio show. Content mixed in the four tracks includes the following:

  • The Fly (Lounge Fly Mix)
  • Mysterious Ways
  • Slow Dancing (Live from Chicago)
  • Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses (Temple Bar Edit)
  • Satellite of Love (Live)
  • Two Shots of Happy, One Shot of Sad (recorded live on the Zoo TV Plane)
  • Interviews with BP Fallon
  • Bono’s Calls to the White House
  • Zoo Radio Theme by Primus
  • Television the Drug of a Nation by Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy
  • Rush (Live) by BAD II
  • Hazy Shade of Criminal by Public Enemy

Background Information

This radio show was put together to further promote the “Achtung Baby” album, the ongoing Zoo TV tour, and the recently released “Interference” video. In fact the promo CD includes a commercial for that video release. The promo was produced by DJ B.P. Fallon in 1992. B.P. was the opening DJ for the Zoo TV tour in 1992. The CD is made up of interview clips of the band mixed together with soundbites from various sources, and B.P. Fallon drawing it all together.

Two versions of this CD were said to have been produced, the version that made up this promo disc, and an alternate version which was not released, featuring additional live material and less studio material. A bootleg of that second version has appeared in trading circles under the name “Outside Broadcast”. As mentioned, that bootleg is NOT a copy of this promo item.

The CD also makes use of several tracks from “Achtung Baby” and its singles. It also includes a version of “Satellite of Love” which has been identified as being from the Chicago 1992 performance, as well as a performance of “Two Shots of Happy, One Shot of Sad” which was recorded live on the Zoo TV Plane between shows. It also includes sound clips from other acts which are performing on the Zoo TV tour.

The CD was released on Island Records in the USA in a regular jewel case with unique front and back covers.

Liner Notes

Host and superviber: B.P. Fallon. Produced by Bill Kates with B.P. Fallon. Written and unravelled by B.P. Fallon, Bill Kates with special thanx to: King Boogaloo, Billy West, Gobi. Executive Producer: Steve Leeds.

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