U2 X-Radio: Gavin Friday Presents Episode Guides

"He’s an artist, lifelong U2 friend and collaborator – and every month, he takes control of the channel to share commentary and a new hand-selected playlist."

Gavin Friday, a longtime friend, collaborator and influencer of U2 presents his own monthly show on the channel. Includes a look at the earliest days of the band called The Cedarwood Chronicles, as well as special episodes, such as the first episode which featured the work of Hal Willner. The show launched a few weeks after the station, with the first episode airing August 14, 2020.

Below you will find the latest information about episodes of this program on U2 X-Radio on SiriusXM. Our full U2 X-Radio discography page is available if you are looking for news, scheduling information, and other information. Additional episode guides are available to the right.

  • Monthly Show
  • Airs initially on Friday, mid-month, at 23:00 ET.
  • Shows available on demand.
  • Repeats air throughout the week.

Gavin Friday Presents:

Episode: 01
Initially Aired: 2020-08-14 23:00
Gavin Friday Presents a special about Hal Willner to kick off his new monthly program. Willner died earlier this year from COVID-19 and is remembered by Friday in this hour long special. Willner, a musician, producer, and collaborator, had worked extensively with both Gavin Friday, and with U2. The show contains music from Willner's projects including the Stay Awake album, reinterpreting Disney Classics, Rogue's Gallery which saw Bono and Gavin Friday reinterpreting Pirate Ballads, Friday's own Each Man Kills the Thing He Loves and the Short Cuts soundtrack among others. Also included is the world debut of "Bang A Gong (Get It On)" covered by U2 and Elton John, which features on Willner's latest project, AngelHeaded Hipster, out in September.

Episode: 02
Initially Aired: 2020-09-11 23:00
This month's episode of Gavin Friday Presents focuses on 1972. It opens with Gavin speaking of his first musical experiences through T. Rex and how Bolan helped to invent Glam Rock, paving the way for Bowie and others. Music from T. Rex, Gary Glitter, Roxy Music and Mott the Hoople from 1972, as well as the theme for the Bruce Lee movie, Fist of Fury released that year. Gavin speaks of the violence and bullying and being beaten up by boot boys for having a pierced ear.

Mid-episode we get our first introduction to "The Cedarwood Chronicles" which is an autobiographical performance piece. We hear sound clips from the era, spoken dialog, and an interview with Gavin Friday about the year. Think of the introduction to Cedarwood Road used in concert. Gavin speaks of his real name, where he lived at 140 Cedarwood Road, going to school and what he hated most ("football") and how he dressed as a T.Rex fan, in clothing made by his mother. He speaks of bullying and the violence in Dublin, and how he vented his anger later through the Virgin Prunes. And the interviewer leads him to a discussion of Oscar Wilde, and falling in love with David Bowie, and becoming a fan of books and art through those loves. In his head Gavin didn't live on Cedarwood Road, suburbia had gone away, and he "had stars in his eyes." Each month we'll get another piece, taking us further along in time on the journey on Cedarwood Road.

The back half of the episode throws a focus on Bowie, discovering him through "Starman" on Top of the Pops. Bowie lead Gavin to Lou Reed, another love of Gavin's. From Lou Reed, Gavin bumps back and forth from New York, to Dublin, and back again. 1972 was also the date of Bloody Sunday, which happened in Derry when the British Army opened fired on a civil rights demonstration killing 13 people.

Episode: 03
Initially Aired: 2020-10-23 23:00