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Launched July 1, 2020, U2 X-Radio is available on Channel 32 on SiriusXM, to subscribers to the service.

We maintain episode guides for all of the regular programming on the station, a statistics dashboard allowing for a deeper look into what has been played on the station, and a programming schedule (see below) tracking new show debuts on the channel and news relating to the station.

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  • All times are Eastern Time Zone.
  • This calendar lists only show debuts, and does not cover repeat airings of the shows.
  • Many, but not all, of the shows on U2 X-Radio are available on demand after initial airing.
  • SiriusXM maintains a full schedule here and here.
  • In the case of a discrepancy between the calendar here and the published schedules, the SiriusXM calendar should be assumed to be correct.
  • Looking for information on a specific episode that has aired? Check out our episode guides.

Recent U2 X-Radio Stories in the Media

2020 U2 X-Radio:

U2 X-Radio began broadcasting on July 1, 2020 at 3pm ET on channel 32. The station was announced on December 4, 2019, during a live concert in Saitama, Japan. The station description reads, “This is U2. This is radio. This is U2X RADIO. Featuring the songs of a band from the Northside of Dublin. A complete immersion into the music of Bono, The Edge, Larry Mullen and Adam Clayton. The band’s history, idols, influences and current passions. Plus inspiration, conversation, culture, commentary and ideas. U2X Radio will introduce listeners to old friends and new stories; as well as artists, writers, thinkers and activists who are changing the world. All curated by U2.”

SiriusXM is a satellite radio station, and the satellite is in orbit above North America. The station is available to subscribers only in North America. Outside of North America, users will be able to listen in some cases at http://player.siriusxm.com/home/foryou via a computer or lap top, using a non-Safari browser. (Click free preview and then choose the U2 banner.) It doesn’t seem to work from mobile devices unless you are able to access the desktop version of the site. Once you start listening via that method your time will be limited, and eventually you will be unable to access again for a period.

U2.Com offers a regular highlights show from the station called Xtracts via U2.Com. Episodes are available here:

Xtracts also airs on other SiriusXM channels as a preview of the station.

2018 The U2 Experience:

The U2 Experience was a SiriusXM Channel that launched on June 1, 2018 at Noon in the Eastern Time Zone, and stopped play at 03:05am on July 31, 2018. The station ran for 59.6 days on channel 30, although it had only been initially advertised as a 30 day special channel. During that time 4.8% of the air time was spent on interview clips, 16.0% of the air time was live tracks from the band, 73.0% were studio recordings, and the remainder was solo material from U2. As part of this initial SiriusXM offering, a special concert was held at the legendary Apollo Theatre on July 11, 2018 for SiriusXM Contest winners, which was broadcast on the station.