"Underdogs Greatest Bits Volume Two" - Underdog


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Full Track Listing:

Disc One:
  • House Of Pain – Whoʼs The Man
  • Pharcyde – Soul Flower
  • Emporers New Clothes – Unsettled Life – Pt 2
  • Shara Nelson – One Goodbye In Ten
  • Massive Attack – Rising Sun
  • New Kingdom – Unicorns Were Horses – Mix 2 (Previously Unreleased)
  • Gravediggaz – Bang Your Head – Mix 2
  • Scientists Of Sound – Step On Stage Instrumental
  • Sabres Of Paradise – The Theme
  • Gary Numan – Films Instrumental (Previously Unreleased)
  • Lisa Germano – Lovesick
  • Gus Gus – Believe
  • Massive Attack Feat Liz Frazer – Teardrop *
  • Alex Reece – Vicious Circles
    Disc Two
  • UNKLE Feat Thom Yorke – Rabbit In Your Headlights
  • Emporers New Clothes – Haunted Music
  • Sneaker Pimps – Post Modern Sleeze
  • Ragga & The Jack Magic Orchestra – Where Are They Now
  • The Brotherhood – Alphabetical Response – Instrumental
  • Everything But The Girl – Driving
  • Espiritu – Los Americanos
  • U2 – Stay (Underdog Mix 2)
  • The Brotherhood – Wayz Of The Wize – Instrumental
  • Amber Sunshower Feat Lewis Parker – Walter T
  • Run DMC – Ooh What You Gonna Do
  • Alpha – Slim
  • Disco Dub Band – For The Love Of Money

Background Information

This 2012 compilation of tracks worked on by Underdog aka Trevor Jackson, was produced on his own label Bite It Records (now Output Records). Two limited releases were done “Underdogs Greatest Bits Volume One” and “Volume Two” and each were limited to 500 copies. The back of each CD is hand numbered. A small limited number were sold together with an even more limited bonus CD.

Underdog remixed “Stay (Faraway, So Close!)” for the Melon fan club album in 1995 but it was released at the same time on a Select Magazine cassette called “Select Exclusives“. That remix used the vocal from “Stay” and put an electronic beat under the track. This 2012 remix is different. Titled “Mix 2” on this release, it actually features a different alternate vocal track. This is noticeable in several places in the song but perhaps is most noticeable in the city names that Bono sings. Instead of “Miami, New Orleans, London, Belfast and Berlin” Bono instead is heard to sing “Nashville, New Orleans, Boston, Belfast and Berlin” on this particular mix. The backing track is similar to what was used on Melon, the real treat here is hearing the alternate vocals.

The CD is out of print now, and this is the only known location to find this remix at the time of this writing.

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