"The Politics of Dancing" - Van Dyk, Paul

Compilation Album

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Full Track Listing:

Disc One:
  • Digital Reason – Ashtrax
  • Innocence (Paul Van Dyk Mix) – Joker Jam
  • First – Private Taste
  • Feeling Good (Original Version) – Jimpy
  • Vega / Filmpalast / I Want – Paul Van Dyk
  • Another Late Thursday – Southern Comforter
  • Rapture – IIO
  • Superconcious (So Alive) – Sipping Soma
  • Killin’ Me – Timo Maas
  • B.W.Y. – Maji Na Damu
  • Elevation (Paul Van Dyk Mix) – U2
  • Autumn – Paul Van Dyk
  • Cristalle – Viframa
  • Furthermost – Solicitous
  • Four Days – Subsky
  • Empire – Second Sun
  • Out There – Paul Van Dyk
    Disc Two:
  • Shout, C’Mon (Coast To Coast Mix) – Sagitaire
  • Epic Monolith – Mirco De Govia
  • Massive – Ralphie B
  • Questions Must Be Asked – David Forbes
  • Activity – Way Out West
  • Interference – Connector
  • Secrets & Lies – Blank & Jones
  • Reach Me – Lexicon 4
  • Reset – Jamnesia
  • Into The Night – 4 Strings
  • Let’s Go – Active X
  • In Progress – Signum
  • Section O – Walter & Gelder
  • Club Attack – Solid Sleep
  • Starchildren – Guardians Of The Earth
  • Dreamland – Nu NRG

Background Information

Paul Van Dyk is the stage name of German DJ, Matthias Paul. He is one of the worlds most well known DJs. He is also a remixer, and music producer, and works with Vandit Records. In 2001, Van Dyk was recruited to remix the song “Elevation” for release that summer as a single. A promotional single circulated which had four mixes of “Elevation” completed by Van Dyk. These mixes were the “Vandit Club Mix” (8:54), “Paul Van Dyk Mix” (7:59), “Paul Van Dyk Radio Mix” (4:03), and the “Paul Van Dyk Non Vox Remix” (6:30). Out of the four mixes, only the Vandit Club Mix was used on a commercial single. A second mix, the “Paul Van Dyk Mix” was also released on a promotional vinyl at the time.

In the fall of 2001, Van Dyk released his first mix album and he included the “Paul Van Dyk Mix” of Elevation as a track on the mix. The length is slightly longer as the release is a continuous mix and portions of the song before and after can be heard in the mix of the song. This release marked the first time this remix of the song was commercially available. The album was released on various branches of “Ministry of Sound” worldwide, and Nettwerk Records in Canada.

In 2009 Van Dyk would offer up another mix, this time entitled “Volume: The Best of Paul Van Dyk” which would again feature U2. This time the compilation would use “Elevation (The Vandit Club Mix)” which had previously been released on the “Elevation” single.

Liner Notes

Elevation (Paul Van Dyk Remix):
Performed by U2. Music by U2. Lyrics by Bono. Produced by Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno. Remix and Additional production by Paul Van Dyk. Mixed by Tim Palmer.

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